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The Lawhorn family (Lance, Carol, and Roger from left-to-right) proudly hold full wine pourer racks and two wine bottles ready to serve.
Roger and Carol pose in front of a promotional poster at a convention.
Lance and Roger proudly present their products as a father-and-son team.

Our Story

Howdy from Texas!


We are the Lawhons. Roger and Carol are my folks, and I’m Lance, their favorite son (don't tell my brother!). Now had you told me six years ago that we’d be in the wine accessories business, I’d have laughed at you. 


So how did we get here?


My dad Roger started off as a traveling envelope salesman — no joke. That was his career during my childhood. He once had a job selling gum door-to-door, but we don’t talk about that. Who thought you could make a living selling envelopes? Apparently, you could in the 70s and 80s!


Eventually, Roger took the plunge and started his own promotional products venture. Meanwhile, my mom Carol taught kindergarten, did the “Supermom" thing, and honed her skills as an amazing wedding cake guru. Later, she developed textbook materials for a book publisher (which she loved) and worked as a secretary for a law firm  Then she went into business with my dad. Together, they ran Spectrum Forms & Specialties until retiring in 2011.


For my part, I started out as a hippie-wannabe-writer who dreamed of selling scripts to Paramount and writing multi-issue novels like Game of Thrones. That didn’t turn out so well, but I did land a job selling a mailing list! It turned out that I was good at selling things, so I learned to sell other things — like advertising. Eventually, I started my own company selling magazine advertising space. Scary days at first, but it turned out well.


Then, knowing how much I loved wine and the wine industry, Dad decided to come out of retirement and start a new venture. The timing couldn’t have been better! It took almost a year to get going. We had some rough moments getting started, as you do with any small business. However, on the bright side, that gave us the opportunity to work, travel, create, and have fun together as a family. 


In closing, this is a fantastic time to be a part of the Texas wine industry. Texas now boasts over 400 wineries and more are coming online every year. We love visiting with winery owners and providing them with the products that they need for their tasting rooms.


It’s a blast and we love what we do!

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